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The Farm Thru The Years:
2016: What a whirlwind of a year it has been!  Kidding season provided us with a record number of buck kids (grr) which
made it impossible to fulfill Saanen doe kid orders.  We began kidding in February with our last kid born in June and now
we have one due in December.  Oye Vey, what was I thinking?!

Show season started with a bang with us traveling to Arkansas.  We came back to Kentucky with 5 Grand & 4 Reserve
Grand Championship rosettes and our first doe (Recorded Grade), GCH Hickory Sticks KL Lillottie Rose 1*M finished in
style by showing 2 days back to back.  Thanks to Jessi Allen for sending this crazy doe to us! She's one in a million.

We also finished our first homebred buck, GCH +*B Keach Manor Doc Hollywood (AI) has always been Reserve when
shown in the past and he broke that streak with 3 x Grand and 2 x Best Buck in Show!  We just love him and his daughters.

Another milestone made was our first SGCH homebred doe: SGCH Keach Manor NJ Look At Juli 7*M finished in Illinois.  
Not only is she pretty but boy this gal milks too!! Top test this year was over 17 lbs.  

One of our favorite does (who did not cycle in 2015 for breeding) earned her last leg at Paducah KY being awarded Grand
Champion and then going on to a Best Doe in Show win in Ring 1. She was scratched in ring 2, which gave her herdmate a
chance to win - and she did! Another milk thru doe, SG Keach Manor DH Miss Kitty 2*M earned her second UR leg toward
her championship.

We all worked hard to get a Youth Show added back to the KY State Fair and what a nice surprise to see that it was in the
Premium book.  We had 21 Youth Exhibitors to boot!  Though Drew did not win Grand Saanen, a doe who was sired by a
homebred buck did and she went on to win Best in Show too.  She was another beautiful Hickory Sticks doe (same sire as
Lottie Rose).  It's so neat to see bucks and does that you have a genetic stake in doing well =)  

As I type we are getting ready to wrap up the last local show here in Kentucky.  We hope to be at NAILE in November though,
then we start it all over again in May of 2017.  We are all offici
ally crazy!!

2016 has been a fabulous year for the farm; 4 does & 1 buck finished, UR/Milking Legs earned on 3 does and R/Dry Legs
earned on 3 does.  Our first Berkshire Hogs were born and processed and man I tell you, you have not tried pork until you
have tried our Berkshire Pork!  It literally melts in your mouth.

2015:  Another deployment overseas is upon us.  Nathan left in the middle of a snow storm in February, as of now we are
not certain on a time frame for his return.  We are hoping that this will be the last deployment, as it makes our 4th.  Nathan
and his troops returned just before Christmas!

December also surprised us our first Superior Genetic awards.  Homebreds, SG Keach Manor DH Miss Kitty 2*M (yearling)
& SG Keach Manor NJ Look At Juli 7*M (2 yr old) were the lucky ladies.  We loved these two does before the SG's, now to
work on getting those CH on the ends ;)

This was the year of adding Alpines!  Yup, you read that right.  Marilyn Grossman was my co-pilot heading up to the
Munchin'Hill herd to pick up the kids in the Spring .  It was a fabulous trip and the road construction had my navigator finding
an alternative route that took us over the Potomac River.  Such an adventure it was.  Not only did I leave Munchin'Hill with 2
doelings and a buckling, Marilyn added an Alpine doe too.  Who was appropriately named "Road Tripper Amy".  Seeing the
beautiful animals from Munchin'Hill was an experience neither of us will forget.  Pictures can not even come close to how
magnificent they are in person.  

We also fly in our new herdsire from the Vineyard View herd in California.  Thanks to Scott Bice for sending this handsome
boy, *B Vineyard View Tangerine Dream, to Kentucky.

The goats kidded without needing much assistance with the exception of Keach Manor KHG Look Here Baby 7*M who had
QUADS hiding in there somewhere!  Two does and two bucks... That was a huge surprise!  All kids have grown well though
Baby has been tough to get the weight back on so she stayed home from showing.  Honestly, I do not think she has
minded!  The *B Tempo Passa Stand Out Everett kids are drop dead gorgeous and every single goat that Everett sired has
wattles =D

We attended our first show in Missouri and had a BLAST!  We finished another homebred doe, GCH Keach Manor KHSD
Nurse Betty 5*M was
2 x Grand Champion Senior Saanen with Betty's herdmate, Keach Manor NJ Look At Juli 7*M winning
2 x Reserve Grand Champion Senior Saanen.  Hickory Sticks L Babs Nonsense was Grand Champion Junior Saanen in
the first ring and was scratched from the remaining 3 rings.  How many Restricted legs can have a goat have?! (The answer
is only one, if you were wondering.  They do not pass down to the Reserve Grand Junior).

Kentucky State Fair is always a great show to be able to enjoy ourselves and visit with the goat friends. Our second
generation homebred doe, Keach Manor CPD It's My Life 6*M, was awarded
Best Saanen Udder in Ring 1 and Reserve
Grand Champion Senior Saanen and Reserve Grand Best Saanen Udder
in Ring 2.  Keach Manor NJ Look At Juli 7*M was
2nd place/2nd udder in both rings.   Keach Manor EV Jubilant Luci (Juli's daughter) was
2 x Reserve Grand Champion
Junior Saanen
in both rings (something she seems to be blessed with every time that she has been shown - always that

In the Alpines, Munchin'Hill Amazing Oprah was
Grand Champion Junior Alpine in Ring 2, earning her Restricted leg.  Our
consistent Saanen wins also awarded us
Premier Saanen Exhibitor for the 4th year in a row.

Linear Appraisal was a wonderful learning experience.  The appraiser was great at explaining the structure, etc to everyone
who attended. We were pleased with our scores and agreed with everything that was mentioned on the goats, so our
evaluation skills must be pretty ok ;)

We have taken a break the past 3 years from showing at NAILE due to the hog situation, but it looks as though Tess has that
figured out so we will be back to show in 2015.  Everyone who is bred is pretty stale at this point in the year but hey, we had
a blast and are also so very proud of our goats!  Only the dry does were permanent champions and only 2 juniors had won
restricted legs in 2015 (Saanen Jr Dry Yearling, Babs & Alpine, Oprah)

Keach Manor EV Life's A Beach was 1st place Intermediate kid (with 14 in the class) and paternal sister Keach Manor EV
Jubilant Luci was 2nd place Senior kid.  Andrew's doe, Hickory Sticks L Babs Nonsense was 1st place Jr Dry Yearling.  
Keach Manor CPD It's My Life 6*M was 3rd place/2nd udder 2 year old with Keach Manor NJ Look At Juli 7*M standing
behind her in 4th.  Keach Manor KHG Look Here Baby 7*M (AI) and Juli were 1st place Produce of Dam (GCH Kickadee Hill
WRS Look At Liz 6*M) with 7 groups in their class.  GCH Keach Manor FE Look At Lola 7*M was 2nd place dry doe.  The
Alpines showed well too!  Munchin'Hill Amazing Oprah was 5th place & Munchin'Hill Persephone was 6th place both in the  
Intermediate kids (14 in class).  We had a great time and will be back in 2016!

2014:  Homebred GCH Keach Manor FE Look At Lola 7*M finished her championship in style with a Best in Show win at
the National Goat Expo in Illinois competing against does who placed well at Nationals.  Keach Manor AB Just Believe was
Grand  Champion Junior Saanen earning her Restricted leg and Keach Manor AB Just Breathe was Reserve Grand Junior
.  Hoanbu WMV Maranda Mascara 5*M was Reserve Grand Champion Senior, behind Lola, earning her
Restricted leg.

Speaking of Nationals, we did attend while is was in Louisville.  We were pleased with the our girls with 2 homebred kids
placing in the top 10 (Keach Manor AB Carolyn & Keach Manor AB Just Breathe) and 1 homebred was 12th (Keach Manor
AB Just Believe) in their respective classes.  We went into the show hoping that at least one goat would make the Top 20.

KY State Fair went very well!  Keach Manor NJ Look At Juli was Grand Champion Junior Saanen (2 years in a row!) & Keach
Manor AB Just Breathe was
Reserve Grand Champion Junior Saanen in Ring 1 (beating the current year Reserve National
Champion - something that Juli's Maternal Sister, Baby, did as well at NAILE 2 years prior).   Our Saanen ladies pulled
together to win the farm the
Premier Saanen Exhibitor Banner at KYSF.

Our good friend, Marilyn Grossman, allowed us to lease her million dollar buck that she had flown in from the
des-Ruhigestelle/Tempo Passa herd that Spring.  *B Tempo Passa Stand Out Everett is an AI son of Stand Out out of the
always beautiful and productive SGCH dR Elende.  Everett is also a full genetic sibling to SGCH dR Elenya.  We are excited
to add his genetics to the herd.

2013:  We finished our first homebred doe!  GCH Keach Manor FE Minnie Mouse 5*M was our first Saanen homebred
born on the farm, the first homebred to get her Dry (R) leg and the first homebred to finish her permanent championship!  
Minnie also scored 89 VEEV as a first freshener.  The appraiser kept asking "1st Freshener?", he wanted to be able to make
her score higher.

KY State Fair results: Keach Manor NJ Look At Juli was Grand Champion Junior Saanen in Ring 1 (scratched from Ring 2)
and I have to look up the rest, since I am doing this all from memory in 2015 lol  All of our girls did us proud, once again we
brought home the
Premier Saanen Exhibitor Banner.

2012: Our first AI kids arrive!  Two does were bred (Liz & Midori) and both settled (beginners luck I know).

Herd Queen GCH Kickadee Hill WRS Look At Liz 6*M won
Best of Breed at KY State Fair and went on to win Best Senior
Doe in Show
!  This was Liz's year to shine and shine she did.  GCH Hoanbu WMV Martini Midori 5*M was Grand Senior
in both rings, finishing her Championship and was also Best Udder Saanen in Ring 1.   Keach Manor FE Minnie
Mouse won
Grand Champion Junior and Keach Manor FE Look At Lola was Reserve Grand Champion Junior.  Best in
Show Banner
& our first Premier Saanen Exhibitor Banner came home with us =D

We attended NAILE in November and only brought a handful of goats, the young stock were all goats who did not have their
Restricted legs. All of the goats placed extremely well, Keach Manor KHG Look Here Baby, was Grand Champion (beating
the current years ADGA Reserve National Champion doe!).  With only 5 goats entered, we were only 3 points shy of the
Premier Saanen Exhibitor, which was pretty cool.

2011:  Our first homebred Saanens were born!  Keach Manor FE Look At Lola & Hoanbu CJJA Maraschino Cherry 5*M
(Cherry was owned then by Holly Buroker) battled it out at each show they were at.  At KY State Fair Lola stood Reserve
Grand Champion behind Cherry - who had been crowned the 2011 ADGA Junior Saanen National Champion the month
prior.   Our first year of showing at Kentucky State Fair and our young herd did well.

This was our second year showing at NAILE.  Lola was a late April kid and I remember fonding the judge telling me that she
was in the wrong class.  He insisted that she was a dry yearling.  No, she is just a giant big powerful gal.  Lola did not place
fabulously but the people who stopped me outside the ring and mentioned what a beautifully correct doe she was is worth
more than any ribbon.

We started utilizing Artificial Insemination into the Fall breedings.

2010:  We brought in our first Saanen doeling.... Why on Earth would someone want a plain white goat that you can not tell
them apart is beyond me.  But I was going up to Ohio to pick up a Nubian buck to breed to our NuPines so why not bring a
doe back?  The rest is history!  Within 9 months the farm had only Saanens and we have not looked back. And Yes, of
course I can tell them all apart.  Geez... what mother does not know her children? ;)

We went to walk around and watch some of the 2010 ADGA National Show in Louisville, KY.  It was amazing shopping and
beautiful goats as far as they eye could see.  Truly an impressive event!

Our first ADGA Sanctioned show was NAILE.  Hey, go big or go home. Our one goat that we entered did well and the
shopping with the vendors was fabulous.

2009: We added our first 2 Dairy Goats to become more self sufficient on the farm.  There were Nubian Alpine crosses
from Todd Harp in Paris, Kentucky and Keach Manor Dairy Goats was established.

2007: We purchased our property in Bagdad, Kentucky
EST. 2009